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Invader Zim "Zim and Gir"

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8" x 8" Canvas Print

Framed and ready to hang:

All prints are stretched on .75" thick, spruce wood stretcher frame of top quality. Even with a solid wood framing, the canvas maintains its lightweight properties and requires no more than a nail or two to be hanged on the wall.

Choose your edge design:

Stretched Edge: The outer lining pixels of your image are extended lengthwise and then stretched over the frame. The full-sized image is fully visible on th front side of the canvas.

Mirrored Edge: The image is fully visible on the front of the canvas print. The outer edges of the image are then copied, mirrored and applied to the training to create the mirrored edge effect.

White Edge: The edges of the print are cut when printing onto the canvas. The folded sides are later covered with a white edge that strengthens the structure and highlights the image.

Black Edge: The image will be printed only on the front side of the canvas, and a black edging will then be applied to the sides of your photo canvas print. Black edges usually contrast beautifully with the image itself.